About Us

About Us

iONTEK is Guided by Engineering Innovation Principle

Minimizing part count is The Engineering Principle we Stand.

The total number of parts in a product is a key indicator of design quality. Good products actually have fewer parts and they usually end up being more durable and easier to manufacture and repair.

Engineering Economics
Quality & After Sales Service
Engineering Innovation
Credibility & Integrity,
Our Warranty Being the Right Choice of Quality

Why Choose iONTEK

Be Better. One Step at a Time.

Power Quality is always a Mission Critical. iONTEK™️ power brand of automatic voltage regulator and uninterruptible power supply products both the European brands (Riello UPS and IREM AVR) work collaboratively in serving the target market. Residential, Industrial and Medical Equipment are investments we protect from power fluctuation, surges and power outages.

iONTEK Power Solutions works as a Team player for Commercial Power and Power Cooperative providers to ease these burdens on the side of the end user.

Our company has been in the journey of creating and establishing beneficial relationships among the Power key companies.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Collecting Assets – Building Skills for Technical Team
We take pride on educating, enhancing & developing the skill sets of our Technical Team. No compromise.
We always make room for their own growth.

Mr. Dante

Head - Engineering

Mr. Rico

Sr. Technical Team


Mr. Denzel

Research & Development Engineering Innovation

Mr. John

Service Manager

Mr. Christian

Sr. Technical Team


Ms. Miles

Global Trade Officer

Mr. Ferdinand

Sr. Lead Technical Team

Mr. Efren

Sr. Technical Team



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